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07 February 2024

CHC statement: Ending the housing crisis is an imperative but we need short term solutions too

CHC statement: Ending the housing crisis is an imperative but we need short term solutions too

This statement was issued on 7 February 2024.

The Senedd will host a Welsh Conservatives debate today (Wednesday, 7 February), on the issue of housing supply.

Commenting ahead of the event, Elly Lock, head of policy and external affairs said:

“A good home can help people live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives but that is easier said than done when we are in the midst of a housing crisis.

“Building new affordable homes is the ultimate solution to the crisis. We welcome today’s debate on house building and how to go further to deliver the affordable homes people in Wales need - at a time when over 11,000 people are living in temporary accommodation, and many others still face daily stress over their housing and living costs.

“Welsh Government’s unprecedented investment in the social housing grant is really positive. Housing associations are playing their part, building up to 80% of all new social homes in the last few years.

“But the systems and structures that all homebuilders rely on are still delaying people and communities getting new homes. Inflation is still affecting materials and supply chains, reducing what government grant can buy; there continues to be reduced skills in the workforce, an overwhelmed planning system, and a competitive land market.

“In the short term, investment to bring new homes forward quickly through acquisition and capitalising on modern methods of construction offers a significant opportunity. Innovative projects like the 12 new modular homes delivered on an old car park in Newport by Linc in partnership with the local council and Zed Pods have been crucial in providing places for people to live in a way that directly meets local communities’ needs.

“In the medium and short term, we need support to improve systemic issues around local authority capacity and access to land in order to really shift the dial.

“Ending the housing crisis is an imperative. There is huge potential for housing associations and others to not just build more housing, but build the right housing in the right places for the people of Wales now and for many years to come. We need a commitment to change the way things work to make this happen.”

For press and media queries, please email Ruth Dawson, head of communications - ruth-dawson@chcymru.org.uk.