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13 May 2022

Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) 2023 consultation: CHC statement

"Across the country, Housing Associations are proud to have met the current WHQS standard, by ensuring social homes are energy efficient, safe, secure and affordable. The sector is now motivated to reach a new standard that can similarly make homes more affordable to heat, tackle climate change and boost local economies with new jobs.

"The 2023 standard includes bold decarbonisation targets which will build on the work that social housing landlords are already doing to tackle the environmental impact of homes. A number of other new initiatives also form part of the draft submitted for responses, including an increased requirement for flooring, as well as consideration of biodiversity and water poverty.

"To deliver these multiple ambitious considerations, however, Housing Associations need additional support from Welsh Government. The cost of decarbonisation of Welsh social homes alone is estimated to reach £5.5bn by the Future Generations Commissioner. A realistic and sustainable level of funding is vital to the success of a future standard."


Note: 99% of all local authority and housing association homes in Wales were compliant with the 2002 WHQS standard. Nearly all registered social landlords' dwellings achieved compliance (including acceptable fails), compared to 97% of local authority dwellings.

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